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Charlotte Pelgen and Elisabeth Pfeiffer share a love for chansons by composers like Jacques Brel, Berthold Brecht, Tom Lehrer and more contemporary writers, such as Molly Lewis. While not all of these songs are sad, scandalous or sinister, Charlotte & Elisabeth seem to like those the best. This is why they decided to dress a handful of them in a new, very reduced musical dress.

Chanson is a genre, which is not widely represented on the stages of the world. The combination of ukulele and vocals makes for a fresh musical approach in interpreting these often funny, sinister or sad songs.

Charlotte Pelgen

Charlotte Pelgen specialises in swing and jazz vocals and ukulele from the 1920’s to 40’s. She has been touring internationally with her bands “Bad Mouse Orchestra” and “A Muckrakers Cabaret” in and around the ukulele scene since 2017. In 2018 she was introduced to chanson and has since fallen head over heels in love with this genre.


Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Elisabeth Pfeiffer majored in classical guitar. In 2013 she exchanged the guitar for the ukulele and has never looked back since. She published several ukulele method books and has been touring the European ukulele festival circuit since 2016. Her repertoire ranges from her own solo arrangements of pop and rock classics to Renaissance music and ‘Neue Musik’ (contemporary classical music).